Zwift Classics 2022 Announced


Zwift has just announced that the Zwift Classics will be back again for 2022. In the past, we have seem very similar routes, and these seem to be very similar to the 2020 edition of the event. In 2021, Zwift partnered with WTRL to test their new Auto-Cat feature. The feature worked well for most riders, but for some riders, it didn’t quite work out. There also a bunch of downsides to the feature. That is why Zwift created Category Enforcement. While this isn’t what Zwift envisions to be the future of Zwift racing, it still does the job, and it fixes some of the flaws of Auto-Cat. For the 2022 Zwift Classics, Zwift will be using category enforcement for the entirety of the series. Most of the races in this series will be relatively short, all of them should be under an hour long.

Dates & Times

Zwift will be hosting these events all throughout the week, starting from the 11th of July, all the way through the 28th of August. These events will be happening every 1-2 hours, so these events should be widely available.


Zwift has also set up a GC for the Zwift Power league. The way that scoring will work for this event will be based off of your best result every week. You can participate in as many events as you would like, and your best result will give you a score that will count towards your Zwift Power GC. Zwift Power GC:

Events & Power Ups

In order to make this event more unique and strategical, there will be a few different power ups up for grabs at each banner. Most races go through every power up, but these races will have power ups chosen specifically for each route. Here are the events:

July 11 – July 17 // The Apple Lap // Feather, Draft, Anvil
July 18 – July 24 // Watopia Cup // Anvil, Ghost, Feather
July 25 – July 31 // Watch The Femmes // Anvil, Draft, Burrito
August 1 – August 7 // Yorkshire Grand Prix // Anvil, Draft, Ghost
August 8 – August 14 // London International // Anvil, Burrito, Draft
August 15 – August 21 // Rund um Innsbruck // N/A
August 22 – August 28 // Trofeo Bologna // N/A

Live Stream

I will be live-streaming a few of the events on the ZRace Central YouTube channel. Links coming soon.

Any Questions?

Please leave a comment below with any questions or comments!

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