Zwift Climb Portal Schedule

The Climb Portal was released in June of 2023 and serves as a way for riders to ride famous climbs from around the world from the comfort of their home. The climbs will alternate every few days, similar to how worlds are on a rotation. Here is a monthly schedule for the Climb Portal in the month of September.

September 1stBealach Na BaSeptember 17thLa Laguna Negra
September 2ndBealach Na BaSeptember 18thLa Laguna Negra
September 3rdBealach Na BaSeptember 19thColl d’Ordino
September 4thBealach Na BaSeptember 20thColl d’Ordino
September 5thBealach Na BaSeptember 21stColl d’Ordino
September 6thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 22ndColl d’Ordino
September 7thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 23rdColl d’Ordino
September 8thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 24thColl d’Ordino
September 9thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 25thColl d’Ordino
September 10thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 26thColl d’Ordino
September 11thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 27thColl d’Ordino
September 12thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 28thColl d’Ordino
September 13thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 29thColl d’Ordino
September 14thLa Laguna NegraSeptember 30thColl d’Ordino
September 15thLa Laguna Negra
September 16thLa Laguna Negra