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Zwift Considers Premium Subscription


Every few months Zwift sends out a survey asking users certain things, to help them decide what is best for the company, and what the users want most. The most recent survey asked users whether they would be interested in a premium subscription. Most of the features were very similar to the features that Trainerroad and Wahoo SYSTM have. For details on a previous survey that went out, head over to this article by Note: Zwift says that this is all hypothetical, so none of these things are guranteed, and most likely will not happen. Here is a link to the forums post about it: Here are some of the key features that were considered.

Standard – 17.66 USD/12.99 GBP

The standard plan is pretty much everything that Zwift already has, there are no noticable changes based off of the survey.

Premium Features – 27.18 USD/19.99 GBP

Here are the main premium features that Zwift hypothesized for the premium plan. I have noticed that a lot of these features are very similar to Trainerroad, which has some Zwifters hypothesizing that Zwift could be considering partnering or buying Trainer Road.

  • Adaptive training calendar to help you manage and plan all of your workouts
  • Custom training plans that adjust to your skill level and calendar
  • Daily recommended workouts based on your recent training and your fitness level
  • Automatic FTP calculation based off of past efforts
  • Ability to take workouts outdoors(load workouts on Garmin, Wahoo, Stages, etc)

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