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Zwift Custom Route: Epic 8

Almost a year ago I created this route that I call the “Epic 8”. The route begins at the Road to Sky start. Immediately after you log into the game, flip a U-turn towards the Epic KOM Bypass. Once you hit the Epic KOM bypass, take the bypass to cut across the Epic KOM. At the end of the Epic KOM bypass, turn left towards the Downtown area. Then, take another left turn to start heading back towards the Epic KOM. Then you will take the Epic KOM bypass again, this time turning right to head up the Epic KOM at the end. After completing the Epic KOM, take the bypass once more and do the small loop around the Epic KOM entry ways before completing the route at the top of the small climb at the start of the Epic KOM Reverse.


Strava Segment – Coming soon

Route Badge XP – None

Distance – 20.4 miles/32.8 kilometers

Elevation – 2089ft/636m

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