Common Feature Request: Zwift Family Plan

The request

Got a family full of Zwifters? All the subscriptions add up to $180 every year for each person. One common feature request on the forums is to have a family plan option. Something similar to Rouvy, where you pay for one member, and two other family members can have accounts for free. So if you have 3 members in your family who want to all Zwift, only one person has to pay. Or another solution is having the price per account discounted if you have more than 1 rider in your household who would like a Zwift account. For now, you could always switch to Rouvy for the time being, as they offer a family plan. You could also use RGT, as the platform is completely free, unless you want a premium account.

My thoughts

I do not think Zwift will do this, as they already offer accounts for kids under the age of 16 free. Offering accounts for kids free solves this problem for most users, so the main people this would benefit is a couple, or a family with kids over the age of 16. For information on kids accounts on Zwift, head over to this link: It is possible that Zwift could change their payment plans, but not in the near future.

Vote it up on the forums

Although I do not see Zwift doing this in the future, you can still have your voice heard by voting for the topic on the forum, or joining in on the discussion. Head over to this link to the forums:

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