Zwift Festival D’Alpe Announced

Zwift has just announced a short 3 day series to coinside with the tour. The Tour De France will head up Alpe D’Huez during their 165km route on stage 12. On July 13th, 14th, and 15th, riders will have the opportunity to climb the alpe with company and pace partners.

This is very similar to what we saw with the “Climb Alpe Du Zwift with Pace Partners” events, just a TDF theme this time around. There will be 5 different pace partners. One for each of the 5 categories. Note that riders are encouraged to go ahead of the pace partners to achieve their best effort.

Pen A – Andrew Alpinist // 4w/kg, 49 minutes

Pen B – Beth Baroudeur // 4w/kg, 59 minutes

Pen C – Christopher Climber // 2.8w/kg, 69 minutes

Pen A – Emile Etape // 1.6w/kg, 119 minutes

Pen A – Andrew Alpinist // 2.15w/kg, 89 minutes

Brose all upcoming events for this series using this link:

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