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Zwift Garmin Unbound Gravel Series

Zwift has just announced a new series, the Garmin Unbound Gravel Series. This series starts on the 11th of April and ends on the 4th of June. The UNBOUND Gravel race takes place on June 4th, and Zwift is the official indoor training partner for this event.


The series consists of 8 weeks of training, with three workouts every week(two shorter structured sessions, and an endurance ride on the weekend. These workouts will be added to the Garmin unbound training plan that will become available on the 11th.


If you complete any ride with Pro event to unlock both the Unbound kit and helmet!

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[…] The Gamin Unbound Gravel series is starting up soon, featuring group workouts and recovery rides by Garmin. The series is eight weeks long to celebrate Zwift being the official online training partner of the UNBOUND gravel event. More details can be found here: […]

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