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Zwift Halloween 2022

Zwift’s 2022 Halloween surprise has just been revealed. All of these small perks are available from today through October 31st. Unfortunately, this surprise is very similar to the one that we saw back in 2021… A few changes have been made though.


I decided to also make a video for this!

You No Longer Have to Earn It

For this edition of the Halloween surprises, you no longer have to earn the different pieces of the Halloween costume, they are automatically given to you when you are in a certain range of the RoboPacer(formerly known as Pace Partners). There were a few additional RoboPacers that are Halloween specific pacers that are only available for a few days.

Once you are out of the certain proximity, you will lose the costume. Something that can be quite annoying is that riders riding the other way will be displayed in Halloween costumes for a split second.


Here are some images of this.

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