Zwift Holographic Replay Feature Released

The Zwift Holographic Replay feature has just been released. So far the feature seems to be working pretty well! Here are the details.


Here is a video with footage of this new feature.

The Holographic Replay feature is essentially a PR bot. This is similar to what you would see in other apps such as RGT. Since Zwift has segments throughout the game, the bot will be able to go at your 90 day PR pace or your most recent effort. If you have both enabled, you will see both bots.

Other riders cannot see your bot and you are not able to receive draft from your bot. The bot will only be visible to you during free rides. The bot will not be visible during workouts, meet ups, club rides, events, and races.

My thoughts

This feature definitely has tons of potential and I am looking forward to seeing this feature develop under the Futureworks umbrella. I think that it would be very cool if users could set the bot to pace you a set pace(ex. 20 sec). It would also be cool if the bot could pace riders at the current segment leaders pace. This would be very helpful to help riders get leader jerseys. The feature is currently out for all users to use at this point.

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