Zwift Knockouts Announced

Zwift has just announced that they will be hosting a Zwift Knockouts series, a new ZRL like series where the teams in premier division will battle for the top spot.


Each race, a certain number of teams will be eliminated from the competition based off of how many points each team scores. Note that this is not a series available to community riders, but it may in the future. Each of the races will take place on Wednesdays, starting on the 20th of April, tune into the live stream on Zwift’s YouTube channel to join in on the action. Here are some route/stage details.


Stage 1 – Elimination Race: Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds Course // Live Stream:

Stage 2 – Quarter Finals: Crit City Downtown Dolphin // Live Stream:

Stage 3 – Semi-Finals: Neokyo Crit Course // Live Stream:

Stage 4 – Finals, 3 Back to Back Races: Elimination Race on Crit City Downtown Dolphin, Hill Climb Race on Watopia AdZ, Points Race on Crit City The Bell Lap. // Live Stream:

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