Zwift Medio Fondo 2022 // YouTube Video

Today I joined the Zfondo Medio fondo distance. The Zfondo ride was on the 2022 Medio fondo route, which goes through Titans grove, the Epic KOM, Epic KOM bypass, KOM, and Tempus Fugit 2x. All of this added up to the 50 mile route with 3000+ ft of climbing.

I started out in the second group, then made the bridge to the front group because there was much better draft and the pace was only slightly quicker. Then I had to plug in my computer, which led to me getting dropped. I settled with the second group and sat in until we hit the Epic KOM bypass. On the bypass I pushed the pace and tried to bridge, I caught a few riders, including Eric from Zwift Insider! We formed a small group that lasted to the end of the ride. As we went through the KOMs and sprints, some riders dropped but most of them eventually made it back on once a group of around 20-30 riders caught us as we headed to the finish. I went for two of the sprints, coming very close on the first one(losing to around 0.3 seconds to Eric). I also went for the Fuego Flats segment but missed the jersey by around 2 seconds. I didn’t have a power up and there wasn’t much draft so I was pretty happy with my time. When we hit the Epic KOM I was very surprised by the pace, I quickly gained a lead of over 10 seconds, which soon turned into over a minute. I held a steady Z3-Z4 on the climb, and set a PR of 24 minutes.

Overall I was very happy with this ride, I completed the route in around 2 hours 11 min. I was very surprised with my Epic KOM time despite being tired from the previous 40 miles.

Here is a video of the final climb, the Epic KOM.

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