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Zwift Moves Mac to Metal

Recently, I noticed that the Zwift app no longer said “Zwift App”, but instead, “Zwift App Metal”. I knew that this was likely a move to improve the performance on some Mac devices(M1 and M2 mainly), as I read about it on Reddit a few months back.

Planned Changes

In 2023, Zwift is planning to upgrade the graphics of the Apple devices. Most of the devices can handle much higher graphic profiles than they currently have(M1 currently has a max of 1440p at basic graphic profile). Later on in the year, Zwift will likely bring out some more server side changes, resulting in the upgrade in graphics for the M1 and M2 Macs. The latest Apple TV 4K is also scheduled to get an improved graphic profile after it received an A15 chip.

What Has Changed So Far?

I have noticed a few small changes so far, other than the name of the app. First of all, the power graph at the bottom of the screen now looks more modern and cleaner(looks a bit more transparent? Not sure how to describe it).

Second, the FPS have drastically improved. Prior to this change, I would get probably an average of 30 FPS. Now, I can get an average of 60 FPS on a solo ride, and 50 on a race. See the Zwiftalizer graph below:

So far, these are all the changes I have noticed, but if anyone sees anymore, let me know in the comments section below!

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