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Zwift Neon Flats Details

This route was added in the Neokyo Makuri Islands expansion, which was released in the 1.19 game update. This route is one of the flatter routes in Neokyo. The route begins near the Arcade paddocks and follows along the flat roads, the route will then go through the Makuri Tower during the Tower Sprint. The route will then go through the Alley sprint, and make its way to the Castle Park Sprint. You’ll do the sprint twice, then make your way to the Neo Arcade to the finish line. The best bike for this route is going to the most aerodynamic bike you have, or your fastest bike on flats.

Elevation Profile


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 290XP

Distance – 9.1 miles/14.7 kilometers

Elevation – 236ft/72m

Video Recording

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