Zwift New Home Screen/UI – A Complete Guide

Zwift has just announced that they will begin rolling out the much anticipated new home screen. Zwift has provided short video clips of certain functions that can be done with the new home screen. The first roll out will be to a limited amount of Windows users, with Mac coming next, iOS and Andriod following if everything runs smoothly. The goal of the new home screen is to make the home screen easier to use and more intuitive. Let’s dive into the details! (Sorry for the poor drawing skills!)

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Free riding

To start a ride, click the globe icon in the top left tab(the same function can be done my clicking on the routes square. The new home screen will tell you approximate duration, badge XP, distance, elevation, and difficulty on a scale from 1 to 5.


In order to find events, you just need to click on the events square. If you are already signed up, you just need to find the event under my upcoming events, and you are good to go!


In the top right corner there is a little badge icon, and a little garage icon. If you click on the badge icon, it will bring up your route badges, if you click on the garage icon, you can browse the drop shop, change your kit, socks, etc.


Zwift has a dedicated card for workouts, if you click that, you will be able to browse the different workouts. Once you find one, you can select a recommended route, or choose whatever route you want.

Pace partner

Zwift now has a dedicated card for Pace Partners, just click it, choose which pace partner you want to ride with, then hit start ride!

Pairing devices

If you haven’t already paired your devices, just go to the little cable icon, then it will bring up the pairing screen.

For some FAQ head over to this link:

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Scott bell
Scott bell
1 year ago

Terrible- so small I can’t read anything. Probably going to suffer fest. R we pest toll out ever .

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