Zwift PretzelFest Announced

Zwift has just announced a new inaugural ride series. Many Zwifters pointed out that the Lederhose kit was added to Zwift in the latest game release. This is going to likely be an unlock exclusive to this series. Here are the details on the PrezelFest, a three stage Zwift series. Note: There is also a running version of this event series.


The series is a series for riders to tackle some of the most challenging rides/climbs on Zwift. For those who want the full experience, there will be a long ride which will be around 30-50 miles. For those who want a shorter ride, there will be a shorter version. Note that if you are doing the shorter version, you will not get the route badge unlock. You will have to complete the full route in order to get the badge.


Throughout the course of this series, riders will have the opportunity for up to 4 unlocks. If you complete any stage, you will get the Lederhose kit.

Stage 1: Alpine Socks

Stage 2: Alpine Shoes

Stage 3: Alpine Hat


As noted earlier, this is a three stage race. The series will be taking place from October 1st through 21st with one stage every week.

Stage 1 // Mega Pretzel & Shortened Muir and Mountain

Stage 2 // Watopia Pretzel & Shortened Bigger Loop

Stage 3 // The London Pretzel & Shortened London Pretzel

Sign Up

Riders can sign up for this event series using this link:

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