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Zwift PTO Collins Cup

The PTO Collins Cup for the pros takes place on August 28th, this event series takes place before it. It’s similiar to the Zwift WTRL Nations challenge but this time it is ride and run. The Zwifters will get to choose which team that they work for, Team US, Team Europe, or Team International. Whichever team gets the most points is the winner of the event(points will be explained later on). All of the events are group rides and runs and riders/runners will be able to choose the group run distance, there will be short distance runs, mid range runs, and long distance runs. They will take place 3 times throughout everyday from August 2nd to August 22nd. You must finish the event in order for your points to count. The country that finishes the most points will get to choose which Triathletes go head to head first, in the first round of the PTO Collins Cup.

The scoring system is fairly simple. For every 1km you ride, 1 point, for every 1km you run, 5 points. But remember, you have to be in an event for these points to count and you have to complete the entire event. Each country will have a unique jersey. You will not get to keep the kit from these events.

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