Zwift Race Report // 3R Super Sprint Race

Today I did a quick race before I had to go to school, it was only a 5 minute race, and it had double draft, so double as good. I did a quick 5 minute warm up then headed to the start pens, the race had around 40 people, around 10-15 in B. The race started out hard, and since it was double draft, I could actually rest on the downhill, but I rested a bit too long and nearly got dropped. The rest of the race was pretty good, until the finishing part of the race, I put some energy into getting a better position for the final sprint, but I still wanted to save energy for the final sprint. I couldn’t really pass anyone so I started the sprint in the back of the pack, there was some sticky draft, then once we got over the small hill for before the 10 second sprint, I had nothing left to actually sprint. I finished 6th in B, which I think is pretty good, coming in around 4 seconds behind the leader. I think this race and crit city races are definitely some of my favorite Zwift races that I had done so far. Here is a video recording of the video, and please like and subscribe!

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