Zwift Race Report // 3R Super Sprint Race

I have been doing a lot of racing on Zwift to get more experience racing in B. Today I decided to do a short race to finish off the week. I signed up for the 3R Super Sprint Race and noticed that it was now double draft. All categories started together, which meant I most likely had to keep up with the A cats too. I did a quick warm up then headed to the pens. 18 riders showed up. I knew I had to watch out at the start because it was on a downhill and I have been dropped many times from that specific descent. Double Draft helped a lot and I was able to hang onto the back of the group. At the start of the short steep hill near the finish, I knew I had to start sprinting or I would be dropped. Once I got over the top of the hill, another B category rider slowly passed me and I hung onto their wheel to the finish. 5th place(4th place on Zwift Power) was not bad at all and I got a recording of the race for you all to watch! Here is a link to the Zwift Power results:

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