Zwift Race Report – Aussie Crit Crushers

Today I raced Aussie crit crushers in the B cat. Here is a brief race report on how the race went. This is usually a pretty popular and competitive race so I decided I would give it a go, in B. I knew it was hard but I needed some more experience in B. Most of the riders in the race’s Zwift Power scores were under 300, that is the lowest I have raced. The race was pretty hard but there were some attacks on the climbs. I managed to stay with the group for the whole race. With half a mile to go riders started sprinting which caught me off guard. I started sprinting too because I knew that these riders were strong and this could be the race deciding move. I had a truck boost which isn’t the worst power up but also not the best. I turned it on and began my sprint. I got stuck behind a group of riders but managed to pass them after a few seconds, passing one other rider on the line to get 4th. This is probably the best I have done in a B category race, I think I am almost ready to be a full time B category rider. I don’t think there was much I could have done to improve my performance so I am pretty happy with how the race went.

I also recorded the race and it has uploaded to my youtube channel, check it out and give it a like! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the race report!

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