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Zwift Race Report // Crit City

I have been doing a lot of Zwift racing recently, this morning I actually attempted to race but then got dropped, and didn’t have time to do a different race because of school. Today there wasn’t much homework so I decided to hop on and do a Crit Race. One rider that I follow was in the A group, then moved over to B, on Zwift Power he is a A cat, so I knew going into the race that there was a high chance that there would be some sandbagging. I was able to hold on to the group for the entire race, which was surprising because usually I get dropped around the last lap. There were also only 10 riders in the race. On the last lap there were a few attacks, and I used my power up on one of them, so I had no power up in the finishing sprint. In the final sprint the A cat rider went first and blew up the race, I got 7th, 3rd on Zwift Power, which is pretty good. Crit City is definitely my favorite course to race, which is why almost all of my races are on Crit City. Here is a video recording of the race.

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