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Zwift Race Report // Junior Crit Series Stage 1

Today I participated in an event that I co organized, 7 riders showed up which is not a lot but also pretty good considering it was the first event. At the start we regrouped at an easy pace, within a minute we were all together in one group, the race then started. After about 2 miles J Pinfold attacked and was able to hold off the group for the whole race. For the final 6 miles I was constantly trying to attack and bridge to the leader. I ended up with another rider and he pulled for the second half, he tried to go early in the finishing mile, I chased him down and he waited for each other to start our sprints. I didn’t have my best sprint but it was still pretty good, I hit 13 wpk and managed to pass him in the finishing sprint, of course, Zwift race results for meetups suck, so it put me behind him. I technically came in 2nd but Zwift says I was third.

I recorded the race for you all to watch. Enjoy the video!

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