Zwift Race Report // Racing A

Today I did a very short Zwift race, the Laguardia Super Sprint Race by 3R. The race was only 2.7 miles long, so it took around 5 minutes to complete. The race is a mass start race and there were around 60 riders in the race. Nearly a third of them were A cat riders. There were only a few riders in B, so I joined the A pen, since it really didn’t matter much. The A category was stacked, with two riders with a ranking in the low 80’s, and the rest with rankings around 100, they were some of the best of the best. The start of the race was pretty mellow, but I fell back a few times, and had to work very hard to catch back up. I wasn’t sure whether this was because of hte new pack dynamics, or the group was just faster. I managed to finally get a good spot in the group right before the finishing sprint, but by then I had nothing left. I came third to last in A, which is not bad since I am an average B cat rider who still gets dropped sometimes and Zwift Power classifies me as C because of my low power. What really surprised me were my WPK, I managed to average 170 watts, 5.3 WPK, which is the best I have done for that amount of time. I am pretty happy with the results, but I am going to stick with B for awhile. Here is a recording of the race. Enjoy!


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