Zwift Race Report // Sunday Crash By Rhino Racing

Today after getting disqualified from a Crit City race this morning, hopped onto a different race that I knew was competitive and fun. I also dual-recorded just for the fun of it, and saw pretty good results. I wasn’t expecting to be able to keep up with the group since it was a chase race, and the A cat riders normally catch the B’s, C’s, and D’s. The start of the race was really fast, but the group eventually settled into a steady rhythm of attacking on the climbs, and fast on the downhills. Almost every lap I nearly got dropped, and had to use my power-up to push back into the group. On the final lap I lost the tail of the group on the rolling hills before we hit the sprint(also the finish), and I had to use my power-up. I caught back up only to be dropped again, and I was passed by a few more riders in the finishing sprint. I ended up getting 38th, which is not back since I wasn’t expecting to stay with the group. I got a slight Zwift Power gain of 0.25, so it wasn’t much, but a gain is a gain. I also got a new FTP of 141w, which is a good 5 watt increase! Enjoy the video!

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