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Zwift Race Report // ZHQ Circuit Race

This week I hopped into a ZHQ futureworks race because I wanted to race. My legs were not the freshest after doing the finish line ride the previous day. The race was a short 22 minute race, so it was not bad. As usual, the start was very hard and fast, but once the group settled into a good pace, we rolled at a steady pace. Both laps a rider attacked hard on the short climb which split the riders up a bit. I was able to follow the attack and make the front group. On the second lap one rider managed a breakaway and got 10 seconds on the group, and ended up winning the race by just 1 second. This was because riders did not want to waste their energy and pull the rider back, so everyone was just holding back and drafting. My sprint at the end was pretty good, but I only had a burrito power up, while most of the others had Aero power ups. I finished 8th, with an average of 4.4 wpk, which is pretty good considering it was off of a hard day.

Please check back often for new articles! We have a new event in the works, and details will be released shortly. Here is a video recording of the race for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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