Zwift Racing League 2022/2023 Details


Zwift Racing League has been happening for a few years now. Over the past few years, tens of thousands of Zwifters have participated in the series. Though most popular in the winter times, it is still a huge series throughout the year. There were a few changes made to the series for this upcoming season.

Just like what I did last year, I will be creating recons of the courses, so stay tuned for those videos releasing later on as we get closer to the race days.


  • There are no longer playoff races in each season
  • Season is now 6 races
  • Divided into 4 rounds, with a season finale in March 2023
  • New ruleset released – See here
  • Premier division races on Friday’s
  • Premier division alternates weeks between women and men
  • Route schedule can be found here:
  • Premier division riders can now race in community divisions too

See the WTRL website: