Zwift Racing League Race 1

     I am very into Zwift racing and fortunately my local cycling club/team PenVelo was kind enough to let me join their C team! Last season was a blast and our team did amazing. I placed really well for most of the races. 

    This time the TTT, Team time trial was the first race. I always enjoyed taking my pulls, sitting in the draft when it wasn\’t my turn and grinding on my pulls. We started in the middle with a 4 minute delay, a lot of the same teams from the previous season were back to prove themselves, one of the best teams in C1 being Cryo Gen Grand Columbier, the team that one of my Zwift friends Ryan Nickerson is on. The team time trial started out a bit slow as we regrouped everyone but once we got everyone together we picked up the speed and started to chase the teams ahead. We caught the Zwift HQ rebels with Cryo gen on our heels 20 seconds back, their start time was 1 minute behind us. I took my final pull with 1km to go but didn\’t have the energy to push to the finish. Our stronger riders took the lead and pulled me to the finish, finishing with a time of 36:58 which put us in 2nd or 3rd place. Unfortunately our team got a DQ because one of the riders was a B category rider and none of us knew. So we are now in last with 0 points. It is disappointing but we had fun and since the B rider did 3.2wpk we still would have gotten 2nd or 3rd.

    This race was fun and we had an amazing result but we got DQ, our team is still allowed to race this season we just didn\’t get any points from the TTT. I am looking forward to the remainder of the season and I believe that our team can still do great! Here are some pictures from the ride(will be uploaded soon). Did any of you race yesterday? If so, let me know in the comments how your team did!

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