Zwift Racing League Race 2 Podium!

     Grabbed a podium this week for Zwift Racing League, it was very unexpected. This post will be updated 4/14 with more videos. The race overall was not super hard other than the dirt kickers and the sprint. This was the first time I had ever seem so many steamrollers used, for the first powerup I got an Aero and wanted to save it as long as I could because it would be the best in the finishing sprint. I probably should have used it at some point to save a bit more energy but I managed to stay with the group, on the flats I only had to do around 3 wpk but on the dirt parts I had to do around 6-7 with some random sprints here and there. Towards the end of the video I had to bridge a breakaway that formed and the rest of the riders who were dropped from the breakaway never caught back on, so bridging was the right idea. In the finishing sprint there was not much I could have done about it because I was up against 2 really strong sprinters. Here is the link to the full race video(Music is slowly being added but I couldn\’t add it all at once for some reason). Enjoy! The video may be processing when you click through the link.

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