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Zwift racing league race 3

     I recently finished Zwift Racing League race 3. This week the legs were feeling pretty good so I tried for some sprint points each lap, I ended up scoring a few points but not many. For the final KOM I finished 2nd for the segment and 2nd overall in the race! This was probably one of the best races I have done. I didn\’t get a video recording of this one but I can say that it was exciting. The rest of the team did amazing, grabbing some sprint points and great overall finishes. Next week I will not be racing just to take a break because my bike will be in the shop and on the other trainers I just don\’t do as good for some reason. I will be back for week 5 of Zwift Racing League for Champs Eylesses. Another one of my teammates got 4th and got a bunch of sprint points each lap! Was an amazing race and a battle to the finish, with all the resistance on the final climb I could barely push the watts.

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