Zwift Racing League Season 4 Schedule

For details on Zwift Racing League season 4: WTRL has released their race schedule and registration, to register a team, head over to this link: Registration is now closed. WTRL has added a few new rules, including one that affects kids who want to participate, rider under the age of 16 cannot participate in the event now. For most of these races, C and D riders will do a shorter distance, while the A and B riders will do the distances listed below. Update: WTRL has just added power ups, primes, and which categories will do what distance. Head over to WTRL’s schedule for more detailed information: For a YouTube video on Zwift Racing League, head over to this video:

Watopia’s WaistbandSeptember 28th30km/1 lap
Figure 8 ReverseOctober 5th30km/1 lap
Flatland LoopOctober 12th39km/3 laps
Casse-PattesOctober 19th46.6km/2 laps
Two Bridges LoopOctober 26th43.5km/6 laps
Tour of Tewitt WellNovember 2nd43.5km/3 laps
Greatest London FlatNovember 9th31km/1 lap
Countryside TourNovember 16th42km/2.63 laps
TBDNovember 23rdTBD
TBDNovember 27thTBD

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[…] Zwift racing league season 4 details are now out, including an updated ruleset for the 2021/2022 racing season. Here is a link to the rules page on WTRL: WTRL has also added all of the power ups that will be used in this upcoming seasons routes, the segments are also up. Here is a link to the complete schedule including power up information, primes, and more: I highly recommend signing up for Zwift Racing League, I had a blast in the past two seasons and you get to race against some of the best of the best. For a brief schedule, head over to this article that I put together: […]

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