Zwift Rapha’s Womens 100 announced

This event is beginning to be a yearly event I think. Female riders from all around the world will gather on Zwift to ride 100km together. Each year the kit unlock is slightly different. Rapha has an article about this event, its history, Raphas mission, unlocks, and more! This event is not only a Zwift event but it is also an outdoor event. This event is to celebrate and honor women’s cycling and the community that surrounds it. There is also a Rapha womens 100 strava challenge that you can join here: Rapha has also teamed up with Canyon and there is a custom Rapha 100 Canyon Aeroad. For more information on the unlocks, head to Rapha’s website: The kit unlock looks similar to the image attached below. A link to the Zwift events will be added later on when they become available. Here is the link to the entire event series:

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