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Zwift Releases Club Workouts // Companion v.3.36

Just yesterday, Zwift released Companion version 3.36. The Companion release included a few new changes/improvements. The main change being club workouts, but some may have noticed the subtle UI changes.

UI Changes

If you look closely, the menu bar on the bottom of the screen is dimmer than the new menu bar. The new menu bar has a bit of a more refined and modern look to it. I haven’t noticed any other UI changes, but it is possible that there could be a few more minor changes

Club Workouts

In this release, Zwift has introduced club workouts. This allows club owners to create club group workouts as an event type. I tested this earlier this afternoon, and it workout very well aside from the keep together mode speed. I believe Zwift is still working on the ‘keep together’ aspect, so Zwift is aware that the feature is not working correctly.

Other upcoming changes/developments

Zwift is definitely still working on the clubs feature, and it is far from finished. For more information on what is coming next for clubs, head over to this forums post: Zwift should be releasing an update this coming week, likely around June 8th.

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