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Zwift Releases Clubs Update – Companion v.3.35

Zwift has just announced a bunch of new updates for clubs. These updates will be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks, similar to how the new home screen has been rolling out. The main features in this update include: clubs discovery, event only routes, and sharable club links. Images coming in the next few days.

Clubs discovery

The latest companion release now allows you to search, filter, and scroll through clubs. This makes finding clubs very easy for users. Zwift will also be removing the 100 rider limit and the three clubs limit in the near feature.

Sharable club links

You can now share your club link. This allows you to send links to people, and have them have the ability to join the club on a browser or companion app. In order to share event links, click the three dots in the top right hand corner, then share club.

Event only routes

The latest companion release allows you to use event only routes in your club rides, this includes routes like Bologna TT Lap, Watopia’s Waistband, and tons more. Note: Downtown Dolphin and Bologna TT lap will be added shortly.

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