Zwift Releases Video Screenshots

Zwift has just announced their latest feature: video screenshots. This is also the first direct integration with Strava’s new video clip feature. The feature was first stopped a few months ago from one of Eric Min’s ride. Since then, he has been teasing the feature quite a bit. Now, Zwift is slowly rolling this new feature out to the public.


Before you get too excited, there are a few things to note about this feature:

  • This feature is currently only available on Mac and iOS. Apple TV, Android, and PC are coming soon. No specific dates are available
  • The feature requires game version 1.33 or newer
  • The video is automatically saved to your device
  • There are several auto-capture moments:
    • Taking a segment jersey
    • Setting a new PR
    • Finishing a challenge or mission
    • Gaining a level Unlocking an achievement
    • Finishing an event
    • Completing a workout or training plan
    • Completing a new route
  • The resolution of the video is not great – maxed out at 720p. However, you probably will not need any better than that for your Strava feed…
How to

This feature is being released slowly, so it will take a bit for some riders to get this feature. The feature is very easy to use, and only requires a few taps on the screen. Once you open up the game bar, click the video reel button. After that, it will save the last 15 seconds of footage to your device. Pretty cool!


This is a pretty neat feature for Zwift to add, and I think it does add quite a bit of value to the game. It’s pretty cool to have the ability to share the final 15 seconds of a race! It is always very frustrating when you don’t record a really notable moment, but with this feature, you don’t even have to worry about it. Overall, I can see this being very popular amongst Zwifters.

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Cosy loft
Cosy loft
7 months ago

Great feature video

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