Zwift Releases Zwift Hub Smart Trainer

Earlier this morning Zwift announced a new direct drive smart trainer, the Zwift Hub. The goal of releasing this trainer is to make the Zwift set up easy for those who are unfamiliar with indoor training. The trainer is also very budget friendly for the smart trainer industry.

Prefer to watch?

The trainer will be releasing to the public on October 3rd, and is priced at $499. If the design looks familiar, it is because Zwift worked with Jet Black in order to make this trainer. Here are some specs on the trainer.

Power accuracy: +/- 2.5% If the trainer lives up to the power accuracy, this trainer will definitely be the choice of many Zwifters. Only 0.5% off of a Wahoo Kickr Core ~ $900

Max wattage: 1800WMax Not really a problem for most Zwifters, unless you are a professional track sprinter…

Ant+ to Bluetooth Bridge: Yes. This is another solution to pairing an ant+ HRM to Zwift! This is also great for Apple TV users, who can only pair 2 bluetooth devices at once.

Gradient simulation: 16% the best gradient simulation by far at this price point

Metrics: Power, cadence, speed, & distance this is standard for most trainers these days

Cassete: Included this is a huge plus, and makes getting started with Zwift a LOT easier. Even the Wahoo Kickr Core does not include a cassette. When purchasing, Zwift allows you to choose the cassette needed.

My Thoughts

Overall I think that this is an amazing smart trainer. If the trainer lives up to the specs, this will definitely be the best smart trainer under $1000. For pretty much the same specs as the Wahoo Kickr Core, users pay $400 less.

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