Zwift return to running series

This group of workouts was released in the most recent update. It is called return to running, this training plan is for runners who are getting back into running after being injured, pregnant, or just taking some time off of the sport because who knows what? There will also be some group runs for the return to running workouts that will be lead by various runners. Zwift also has articles about how to go about the plan based off of what you are coming from(ex: injury). For a complete list of all of the workouts, go to the Zwift workouts folder and then return to running. The workouts are laid out by week. There are a few workouts for each week, this is not a training plan that is strict, it is a training plan where you do what you can. The more structured training plans can be found in the plans section. Zwift’s articles can be found here: For an online list of the workouts, has a very good list. Here is a link to the list of the workouts: I will add links to the events once they become available.

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