Zwift Rolls Out New Home Screen to Most Users // Update on the New Home Screen

The update

Zwift has just announced that starting today, they will be rolling out the new home screen(that has been in the works for years) to most of the PC and Mac users who have their default language set to English(this is because Zwift is still testing everything to make sure it works in all different languages). Zwift has also noted that there are some integrated graphics processors that do not work well with the Zwift new home screen, so they will remain on the old home screen for the time being. Zwift is working on getting those fixed so that it will be available to all Windows/Mac users.

When will the rest of devices get the new home screen?

Zwift is currently testing the new home screen on devices like Apple TV, tablets, and phones. I would suspect that it is going to be around 2-3 months before it begins rolling out on those devices(likely in the same fashion that it did with PC and Mac).

What’s coming next?

Zwift will be adding the “ride with” feature in the coming updates, one of the most highly requested feature. Zwift will eventually be updating all of their interface/UI in the coming few years, but for now, we are left with a new home screen.


Zwift has a forums thread where they are gathering feedback and questions about the new home screen. Here is the link to the forums thread:


Just getting used to the new home screen? Here is a quick video to get you set up and ready to ride!

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