Zwift Running Vs Peloton Running

Here is a comparison of the Peloton tread running workouts with the video instructions vs the Zwift running. For Peloton running we have the Peloton Tread +. For Zwift running we use the Peloton tread with a Zwift run pod. Here are my thoughts on which platform is better.

If you are looking for more structured workouts and you don’t know what kind of workout you want to do. I think I would do the Peloton workouts because they have a wide variety of different workouts, instructors, and levels of intensity. Rather than Zwift you just select a workout and it tells you what to do. For runners who are more of the just run, not anything structured, I would choose Zwift over Peloton. The Peloton free run are just staring at a Peloton logo and you stats. Peloton does have scenic runs but I find them kind of dizzying. If you are using a run sensor, then Zwift will also display your cadence, when Peloton will not.

I think that for running Peloton is definitely more interactive because you have an instructor telling you what to do, a leaderboard to chase, and all your stats on a very clean interface. I think that if you are looking more to just run or do a structured workout that you already have planned out and you know what pace and the interval times, Zwift is great for that. Also if you just get bored on the treadmill Zwift kinda combines the video game feel with sports to make it more interesting. In Zwift you will be able to participate in live group runs, customize your avatar, and level up. I think Peloton running is definitely more developed, there are thousands of classes that you can choose from, and there are a few daily. In Zwift there are some group runs but they have a fraction of the amount of runners in the event that Peloton gets.

One thing that I find very annoying is that if you want to keep running after a Peloton run, you will have to have two different activities if you are doing a class. This is especially annoying if you are a Strava person and don’t want an activity that is X.9 miles/km long. In Zwift you can do a workout, then keep going after until you get to a specific amount of time or distance.

    Both are definitely great options as they are both much better than just running and seeing your speed in the corner of the treadmill interface. The Peloton workouts I find very motivating and they make me actually want to run sometimes (I prefer to ride). I would personally choose a Peloton run because I can just hop on the treadmill and start a class. This is a pretty brief comparison but it will give you a quick overview of the two and what each are best for. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply!

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