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Zwift Scotland – All the Details

The Announcement

Earlier in the month, I released an article with some speculation for the upcoming roads for the 2023 UCI E-Sport World Championships. It appears that it is now confirmed that it will be a Scotland world!

Earlier today, Zwift released two press releases. One highlighting the new features and content that will be releasing over the next few months, and another highlighting the new world. The new world will be optimized for Zwift racing, and is inspired by the Glasgow course that will be raced IRL in August.

As usual, there will be a nice Zwifty touch to it to really make it unique and their own. The course will feature a few things that have never been done on Zwift.

With the release of this course is the release of the Battle Royale format on Zwift. More about this format can be found on the official press release: The course will feature a hill climb loop, crit circuit, and a time trial course – all specifically designed for the worlds.

Update: January 2023

Scotland has been released! It was included in the 1.33 game release; however, the world remains event-only until March. Riders will have their first chance to ride this new course in February with the Tour De Zwift Stage 8.

5 new route badges were added to the game:

  • Rolling Highlands
  • City and the Sgurr
  • Glasgow Crit Circuit
  • Loch Loop
  • The Muckle Yin

We can also now see what the map looks like from the files that were included in the Android version of the Zwift Companion app.

Full route details coming soon…

My Thoughts

Overall, I am really excited to see how this all plays out. With Urukazi released only a month ago, Zwifters are sure to be excited. I am super excited to see all the cool things that are released later on in the season.

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