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Zwift September Update Released (1.17)


This update addresses many bugs and issues that were released in the previous version, 1.16. This update also contains an update to the baseline rides so that you know exactly where segments start. There will be an arch/banner at the start of each of the segments on the Baseline and Finish line rides. This is a great update to see because I know that a lot of beginners had a hard to knowing where the starts and finishes of each segment were. Zwift has also added the remaining distance to the route progress bar which makes a huge difference. This feature is now a lot better than it formally was. Zwift has also added the new Shimano Dura-Ace, instead of having the old silver Shimano Dura – Ace. The Specialized Tarmac SL7, Canyon Aeroad, and Pinarello Dogma F were the only bikes updated to the new components. Zwift says that it does not affect the speed of the bike. There were no new features added in this update which is slightly disappointing, but this does have some good minor changes. I wouldn’t expect any of the new wheels to be any new fastests, but Zwift Insider is running tests on them. Zwift has also added support for the new Apple TV remote! Zwift did not include information on it in the release notes but Shane Miller GPLama just released a new video on it. You can now use the swipe and click buttons to do almost everything on the Apple TV 4K 2021. Head over to his YouTube video for more information:

Bug fixes and improvements

Here is the list of bug fixes and minor improvements from the Forums post.

  • Fixed an issue where some events would not properly show the lead in text in the event progress bar.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a Zwifter to be misrouted on the Mega Pretzel route in a Meetup.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Sterzo device users to get a second update prompt after completing a device update.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the Velonews kit not to properly unlock or appear in the garage.
  • Fixed an issue for Zwift Academy Road Baseline & Finish Line Rides which caused segment distance markets to appear in the incorrect place. Segments now start and end with Zwift Academy arches.


Here are some images of the content added in the update

Initial thoughts

The updates to Zwift academy are great for new riders who don’t know the game as well, it is definitely a welcome change. When the route progress bar was released I really wanted them to add the remaining distance, Zwift has added it in this update which is great to hear.

1 week later..

So far there have not been too many bugs reported in this update, which is great to hear. But the few bugs are pretty major. The route progress bar disappearance is pretty annoying since Zwift improved it a lot in this update. I have read that there is some new tarmac coming soon, maybe an expansion to Makuri Islands? Zwift also should be building in Pace Partners to the game soon. Currently pace partners are manually controlled by someone, which is why they have to take some breaks throughout the day. Fingers crossed that we get some new features in the next update.

Bugs list

Here is a complete list of the bugs that were “released” in this update:

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this article interesting/useful. This post will be updated as new bugs arise. There is currently no new news about the new draft but I will release a separate post on when test rides will be available once I have information.

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[…] This was a very minor update. The update contained the new Shimano Dura-Ace, remaining distance to the route progress bar, and two new wheels. Zwift also addressed many bugs that were released in the update, while releasing a few more while doing so. Zwift also added support for the new Apple TV remote, which made navigating Zwift easier for Apple TV users. For more information on that update, head over to this article: […]

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