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Zwift Team Time Trial Mode Announced

Zwift has just announced that they will be testing the new Zwift team time trial mode with WTRL on August 18th. This test will be open for all riders to join, and it will be the first public test of this feature. Essentially what this feature does is it gives teams a designated start time, and automatically opens the gate when it is their turn.

Zwift team time trial mode


  • TT bikes will now be draftable for WTRL TTT’s
  • Riders will no longer have to worry about starting late or early
  • The feature is essentially the TT feature, just with 8 rows for up to 8 teammates
  • Riders can sign up for the race at


I think that this was a great move by Zwift, especially the fact that anyone can test this feature. It will be a long time before this feature is out of beta, and available for community organizers to use. For now, the only way to test this feature is through the WTRL team time trials. The first opportunity to test the feature will be August 18th. I did write about Zwift team time trial mode a while back, and this seems to fufill my request.

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