Zwift teases new route UI

Just a couple months ago Zwift said that there was going to be some new route UI to make it easier to see how far into the route you are, and stuff like that. While I was skimming through the world of Zwift episode I noticed that this was not the typical route UI, and it certainly was not the event UI that I have seen in the past. Zwift has been updating some of the major complaints/requests in the past couple of updates such as, return to home without exit, route badge UI, and other small things. I expect this to be released in the next major update(likely mid-August) along with the updated draft without the bugs that riders experienced in it. The draft updates were supposed to make it so that you move smoother through the pack while maintaining the draft. Riders were seeing the opposite which resulted in Zwift moving back to the old version of the draft.

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