Zwift to Host Pace Partner Led Sub 1 Hour Group Rides

Something that many Zwifters have requested is a pace partner that goes up Alpe Du Zwift in just under one hour. This is highly requested because many users aren’t sure how to properly pace themselves in order to achieve sub 1 hour. Through the Zwift Forums, Zwift has confirmed that they will be hosting sub 1 hour group rides in the near feature. These will be lead by pace partners, leading at a pace that will go up ADZ in just under an hour.

Why not just have a pace partner on Road to Sky?

Zwift is unable to just have a constant pace partner running on a route that goes through Alpe Du Zwift because pace partners must be on a loop. Road to Sky is not a loop, therefore pace partners are not an option on that route.

More details should be releasing soon, so stay tuned for more details!

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