Zwift to Test Dynamic Pace Partners

Earlier today, Zwift put up a post on the forums saying that they will be testing dynamic pace partners. This is a pretty big feature request, so it is good to see Zwift making some progress on this. Dynamic pace partners: Having the pace partners change speed based on the gradient(harder on climbs, easier on flats/downhill). The goal of dynamic pace partners is to make a more realistic ride, this change will make pace partner riding closer to a real riding style.

The first test will be on the 28th of March. The C pace partner will start using the dynamic pace parter feature. Her pace will now be 2.7 on inclines and 2.5 on flats/downhills. This test will only be for C Cadence, but if it goes well, other pace partners will eventually be enabled.

Zwift has provided a forums thread for feedback once Zwift releases this:

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