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Zwift to Test Pen Enforcement

This was originally announced back in early December that Zwift will be testing pen-enforcement, which is different from the auto-categorization that WTRL is testing. To learn more about pen-enforcement head over to this article:

This will be a series of individual races from the 21st of February through the 28th. The events I believe are happening every once in awhile(there doesn’t seem to be any patterns on the times). Here are the courses for the race.

  • Champs Elysees
  • Figure 8
  • Seaside Sprint
  • Richmond UCI Worlds
  • Three Village Loop
  • More coming soon

Sign up will look something like this, but it will vary depending on the device. I believe Android users will see a blocked sign next to the category, while iOS will just see nothing where signup normally would be. I have been put into the A pen(ready to get crushed!), so I will not see the option to join the B, C, or D pen.

Basically, Zwift will be basing off of your last 60 days on Zwift, taking in data from free rides and races. Zwift then goes based off of your WPK, VO2 Max, and your MAP. The goal of these tests is to ensure that everything is working well and so that Zwift can improve what needs to be improved. Zwift has also released a survey that you can fill out once you finish your first race:

To browse and sign up for the test events, head over to this link: Zwift’s goal is to get this tested and make some small changes in order to get it released to public event organisers. For some FAQ and a forum thread about this topic, head over to this link:

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[…] To learn more about the pen-enforcement tests, head over to this link: […]

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