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Zwift Update August Released 1.28

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, Android and iOS.


In game version 1.28, Zwift deprecated tons of OS’ in order to make way for new content, features, and roads. Zwift assures us that these things are coming soon, and I would expect to see some new content or roads in the next game release. In this game rlease, Zwift did make some updates around the pace partners and in game screeenshots. This is a pretty cool feature and some images. areavailable below. As usual, Zwift added some more workouts of the week. There were some small things added for Zwift Academy Road, which kicks off on the 12th of September. More details are available here:

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New wheels

Zwift also added the HED RC6 Pro’s, which look to be good all arounders.

HED RC6 Pro // 227,200 Drops – The new HED wheels seem to be decent all arounders based off of the star ratings. Zwift Insider will likely be publishing results in the coming few days.

New Segment

Zwift has also added a new segment to the game. There is now a Leg Snapper KOM in Innsbruck!

New pace partner UI

Zwift has added some new UI on the new home screen for pace partners. This gives users more details on the pace partners. The UI now includes average wkg, average speed, and number of riders with the pace partner.

Smarter screen shots

I am currently testing this feature, and I will be back with an update on it. I’m trying to find a segment to PR on…

Forums release notes

Here are the release notes from the forums:

  • Fixed issue where riders may spawn off the road when resuming an activity
  • Fixed missing text from user profile screen
  • Fixed an issue where users were riding alone when using mobile data.
  • Fixed an issue where some intersection buttons would not respond in Zwift Companion

Latest game version

The latest game version is 1.28 for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. For the very long game version on computers, head over to this link:



My thoughts

Over the past few releases, Zwift has been getting better and better at making sure the game releases are bug free. I was definitely disappointed with this game release because there were no new roads added to the game. It has been a long time since we got new features or roads from a game release, but I am glad that Zwift added the new screenshot feature and the pace partner updates. The last contentful update was the Neokyo release in November. Hopefully September brings a good update to the game.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply.

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