Zwift Update December Released 1.32

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, Android and iOS.


This release was another one of those releases that is just trying to add a few new things while fixing some of the things that were broken in the previous release. According to Zwift, January will be a much bigger update!

New Homescreen Updates

The new home screen will now display a “For You” section to newer riders. This is going to be a phased roll-out, so some riders will not get it just yet. The new home screen is also being rolled out to most Android devices.

New Training Plan

A new training plan has been added to the game. It is called “Build Me Up Lite” and it focuses on increasing your FTP and building endurance. These will be shorter workouts compared to the ones in the traditional Build Me Up.

New Routes

Zwift also made five event only routes into regular, free ridable routes. These routes include Watopia’s Waistband, La Reine, Gotham Grind, Richmond UCI Reverse, and Surfin’ Safari(Run only).

Forums release notes

Here are the release notes from the forums:

  • Resolved camera issues when changing camera views in Makuri Islands and when joining a RoboPacer. Additionally, some screenshot bugs have been resolved.
  • Sending the sound slider to 0 in game will now correctly turn off game sounds. Although, we all know the Zwift game music is a jam.
  • Ambient sounds in New York and Innsbruck are now at the expected sound levels.
  • Riding in a Pacer Group will now correctly max out at 2.5x drop multiplier.

Latest game version

The latest game version is 1.32 for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. For the very long game version on computers, head over to this link:



My thoughts

Over the past few releases, Zwift has been getting better and better at making sure the game releases are bug free. I am excited to see what Zwift has in store for the January game release! I thought that Zwift was going to be releasing some new routes for the 2023 UCI E-Sport World Championships, but I suppose that may have to wait until January.

Game Release Not Downloading?

If the game release is taking more than a few minutes to download, it likely means that your device is not ideal for Zwift. There could also be other applications getting in the way of the download. Be sure that you have a solid WiFi connection when downloading the game releases.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply.