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Zwift Update June Released 1.26

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, Android and iOS.


The 1.26 game release contained a few new things. The main thing being a few changes to the new home screen and some updates to the fence and time trial module. When doing a time trial, riders will now be called when their start time is coming up, rather than being called when the event starts. The kicking fence can now kick on all routes, and is available to all event leaders. On the saving ride screen, Zwift added a part that will allow riders to select which club they want the mileage to account towards. This won’t really make a difference now, but in the future when club distance and other stats are added back, it will. Zwift also made a few changes to the settings screen. Some of the selection features in the settings screens have changed to blocks to make changing settings easier and more refined.

New Frames/Wheels

  • Ventum NS1 Road Frame // 638,900 Drops
  • Quintana Roo V-PR // 638,600 Drops
  • Liv Devote Advanced Pro // 298,200 Drops
  • Giant Revolt Advanced Pro // 298,200 Drops

Prefer to Watch?

Forums release notes

Here are the release notes from the forums:

  • Multiple fixes and tweaks were made to the new homescreen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zwifters to earn half stars for short intervals in a workout.
  • Fixed issue with critical power curve display after doing a workout.
  • Ride leader fence with “kick” feature now usable on all routes and available for use in events that want it.
  • Fixed issue where intersection arrow buttons on Zwift Companion would flicker for a moment at each intersection.
  • Time Trial event reminders now show time until your personal start time rather than time until the event starts.
  • Fixed an issue when showing remaining distance for a given lap in a lap based event on Greatest London Flat route.
  • Runners will now have workouts listed on the new home screen.
  • “View entire plan” link added back to “Next Up” training plan popup.
  • Workouts of the week for upcoming weeks added.

Latest game version

The latest game version is 1.26 for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. For the very long game version on computers, head over to this link:

New Mission

Zwift also added a bit of new content for the upcoming Kask Protone Icon Mission. More details are available here:



My thoughts

Overall I think that this was a pretty good game release. Over the past few releases, Zwift has been getting better and better at making sure the game releases are bug free. They still contain some bugs, but most are not as major as some of the bugs that we used to see in game releases. I think that PR bots will be coming in the near future, along with new levels. I think that is was a bit disappointing that we did not get too much new content, nothing really notable feature wise, but I hope there is some new stuff coming soon.

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