Zwift Update Released 1.40

The latest Zwift update has just been released. Zwift game version 1.40 is gradually being rolled out to all platforms!


Yep! Another game release has just been released! We’ll see how many bugs are in this one…

Zwift’s Chief Technical Officer left a note on the forums mentioning that the previous game release was not at the quality that they’d hoped it would be at. Hopefully less bugs this time! Since last update was a pretty significant update, there are not many changes in this release. The main change is the updated HoloReplay icon and the updated look of the pace partners.

Note from last update: Zwift will now be following a two-week release cadence. This increases the number of releases we get a year!

New Pace Partner Look

Zwift has updated the look of the Pace Partners (Can’t seem to get myself to write “RoboPacers”). They now look a big more robotic and cyborgy to fit their name, RoboPacers.

New HoloReplay Icon

Previously, the icon for the HoloReplay feature was very similar to that of the RoboPacers’. Now, Zwift has updated the icon to make it look a bit different to help riders differentiate them. Small, but helpful changes.

Mac Silicon

Zwift is continuing to update and improve the experience on Mac Silicon devices, and they say that they are in their final stages of testing native Apple Silicon. Nice!

The Usual

As usual, Zwift fixed the things that they broke in previous updates and added a few additional perks, here are the details from the forums.

  • Adjusted estimated duration for La Reine to bring it in line with other routes.
  • Joining a RoboPacer or another Zwifter is more reliable.
  • Fixed an issue causing misrouting when riding the Big Foot Hills, Downtown Titans, Zwift Gran Fondo 2022 or Eastern Eight routes.
  • Fixed a crash during launch when running on Windows N Edition.
  • Fixed a crash on Android when signing in for the second time after saving or discarding a ride.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scrolling through race results.
  • Fixed an issue preventing calibration of the Sterzo steering device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Zwift Hub not properly setting “free ride” blocks from ERG mode to SIM mode in workouts.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Zwifters Nearby list to scroll unexpectedly while viewing other Zwifters and made the Ride On button inaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue where Kickr Bike steering could not be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Tacx trainers not properly applying correct road feel for tarmac and cobbles.
  • Fixed an issue where additional cobblestone sections were appearing in France.
  • Fixed issue where running kit changed colors mid-session.
  • Fixed an issue where some effects like dust and rain were glowing.
  • Fixed an issue where menu buttons would be unresponsive if the Action Bar was visible.
  • Fixed the interaction for ignoring screenshots when ending an activity.
  • Fixed an issue where some Notable Moment screenshots were blurry.

Just because Zwift fixed stuff, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t also break stuff in the process! Here is the list for this month…

  • Nothing yet!
My Thoughts

Last month was a very exciting game release, so I am not surprised that this one is mainly just fixing the things that were broken in the previous release. I much prefer that Zwift fixes the things that were broken than continue to break things and add new features. I suspect that we will be getting some new things in the coming few releases, but Zwift was likely very busy fixing the bugs from 1.39 over the past two weeks.

Let me know your thoughts down below!

Notice anything else? Let me know in the comments!

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4 months ago

Can’t wait for the Apple Silicon update – my M1 mac mini is ready to go!

Peter Higgins
Peter Higgins
4 months ago

M1 mac mini prices hovering around $425. Hoping we get some speedy zwifting

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