Zwift Update November 1.31 – Urukazi!

Zwift game version 1.31 has just been released. The update is currently available to download on all devices.


Today Zwift release game version 1.31 which included the much anticipated Urukazi expansion. This is the first expansion that we have seen in nearly a YEAR. Zwifters will definitely love this update! In this release, there were also a few other notable changes that are covered in this article.

Prefer to Watch?

To go through all of the details of the new expansion in this article would be a bit excessive, so I have a separate post all about Urukazi that can be found here:


“Ride With” Feature Returns

The “Ride With” feature has also returned in this game release. This is a feature that was removed with the new home screen. All users should now have the new home screen, so it really is no longer considered “new”.

Forums Release Notes

Here are the additional notes that were included in the forums post. Here is a link to the forums thread:

  • Fixed a glitch in the matrix where pedestrians and animals near would appear holographic in the presence of a RoboPacer.
  • Save screen now remembers prior club selection.

Here are some images of the new roads/content added in this game release.

My Thoughts

This was by far the most exciting game release that us Zwifters have had in ages. I will be riding all of these new routes and I will be releasing video recordings of each of the routes. It is really great to see Zwift adding some new expansions and features. I think that Zwift should ideally be releasing 1-2 major features every 6 months, and I hope Zwift is able to achieve this. Just looking at the images, I can tell that this is some of the best work that Zwift has done so far. I look forward to riding each and every one of these routes!

Bug List

Here is a complete list of the bugs that were introduced in this game release.

Game Release Not Downloading?

If the game release is taking more than a few minutes to download, it likely means that your device is not ideal for Zwift. There could also be other applications getting in the way of the download. Be sure that you have a solid WiFi connection when downloading the game releases.

Have fun exploring Zwifters! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply.

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