Zwift Update Released 1.41

The latest Zwift update has just been released. Zwift game version 1.41 is gradually being rolled out to all platforms!


As a much more minor game release, the main attention is on the changes to the HoloReplay function, which now allows for you to be matched up with a HoloReplay of similar speed, providing more competition when chasing those PR’s on the segments.

Updated HoloReplay

“You can now compete against other Zwifter’s HoloReplays! After turning “Leaderboard HoloReplay” to “Show” in the game settings menu, you will see a HoloReplay within your capabilities spawn from another Zwifter’s time on any segment or route from the leaderboard.

This will essentially spawn another HoloReplay if you have this function enabled, giving you a HoloReplay of another rider on the leaderboard who has a similar time to your projected time.

This is based off of prior results of the segment and a few other pieces of criteria.

Riders can also choose whether they would like their HoloReplay to be private or public, meaning they can choose whether riders can receive their time as a HoloReplay or not.

More details are available on this forums thread:

Coffee Stop Changes

In 1.39, riders saw the highly anticipated release of the Coffee Stop feature. Since then, Zwift has received quite a bit of feedback surrounding the times that the Coffee Stop is available. Zwift has made the following change:

“When participating in events, the 30-minute timer to use Coffee Stop will now begin when the event is scheduled to start instead of when Zwifters join the pen. Zwifters will still get the 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes. Coffee Stop is still not usable in races or other competitive events.

This means that in group rides, the timer to use the first and Coffee Stops following the 5 minute marker now starts after you leave the pen, rather than the previous settings where it started upon joining the pens.

The Usual

As usual, Zwift fixed the things that they broke in previous updates and added a few additional perks, here are the details from the forums.

  • Fixed issue that impacted navigation within certain text fields with mouse or keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where other riders occasionally weren’t shown in the “Zwifted With” list after an activity.
  • Fixed an issue where black boxes occasionally appeared in dusty conditions.
  • Apple TV: Fixed an issue with Apple TV remotes not being able to use ride leader fence controls.
  • Apple TV: Fixed an issue with Apple TV remotes not selecting the game menu button when the Back button was pressed.
  • Apple TV: Fixed an issue with Apple TV remotes not being able to navigate up and select power-ups.
  • Android: Fixed an issue where RunPods and smart treadmills failed to connect.
  • Android: Fixed a potential crash when using an external keyboard.
  • PC & Mac: Fixed not being able to paste text within in-game chat.

Just because Zwift fixed stuff, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t also break stuff in the process! Here is the list for this month…

  • Nothing yet!
My Thoughts

This was a pretty bleak release to be honest, but an overload of features would likely cause a whole lot of bugs, which is not what I, or most other Zwifters want. Overall, I hope that we see the roll-out of some new features in the coming few releases (Teleport, action bar update, etc), but since it is a 2-week release cadence, there is not a lot of time in between releases to make each one extremely interesting.

Let me know your thoughts down below!

Notice anything else? Let me know in the comments!

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3 months ago

Any rider shadows on M1/M1 Pro macs?

3 months ago

Steering ineffective after coffee stop… it’s great before but stops working after you’ve had your coffee and you’re extra twitchy on the KickR Bike buttons.

Ima Beast
Ima Beast
3 months ago

Found a bug: misplaced turn signal in the volcano circuit, while about halfway thru a loop it gives an option to turn to the KOM, even tho there is no way to get there.

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